BRICK and Mortar :

20 Maple Street

Roswell, GA 30075


It's a workshop

(not a pretty retail store)


We will most likely be in there working in painting attire. aka: looking like a bum. We'd love for any of you to come by! Just giving y'all the heads up! 





770 651 8793



678 524 4234



HOURS in general- informal:


MON  - By appointment

TUE  - 12-6

WED  - Hump it day! Here the longest hours

THUR - 12-6

FRI  - 12-6

SAT  - 12-6

SUN  -  1-5


*Please call us first! Forgive us if we are running late or not there. We are making a delivery at an odd time, picking something up, getting supplies, etc. Please call if you want to confirm we are there! We don't want any of you to stop by and miss us!!




        HIT US UP..



Have a look around and give us a shout! Send us a HELLO, high five, or any other lovely comments! We love hearing from you! Thanks for the visit!


Thanks! Got it! Let's get it started!